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March 13, 2012
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Mass Effect by LasloLF Mass Effect by LasloLF
who loves "Mass Effect"? :D

I've been hearing good things about this game ever since it first came up,and,I gotta admit,at first,I wasn't interested.'Till recently,that is.
I just finished the first one,and~...I'm totally speechless!The amount of epicness is too damn high!!!IT'S OVER 9000!!! :iconover9000plz:
I must say that I'm kind of glad I didn't play it before,because now I can finish the whole trilogy without waiting for the next chapter to come out.Anyway,I hope you all like this and~ to those who haven't played this awesome game-PLAY IT!You won't regret,believe me! :)

I did some extra work on the krogan-minor work,nothing much,just some details on his leg(s)+I increased his upper body and rotated a little bit...

Yeeey!A DD!!! :D
I'd like to thank :iconvbagi: for suggesting this and :iconkasumichan2003: for featuring it!
I'd also like to thank everyone for your comments and support-it means a lot to me,and I'm sorry for not being able to respond to you all,but be assured,that in time,I will! :thanks:

Ok,I've received a looooot of useful comments and critics concerning about the krogan in the back of the picture,and after seeing them all,I decided to try and fix the problem. :la:
I've re-drawn the krogan,using reference sheets this time,and I hope it looks better than the one before!The armor is still a mix between the real Wrex's armor and mine and the weapon is still the same.I've also worked a little bit on Garrus's rifle.Shepard remains untouched. :)
Again,thank you all,for your comments,critics and advice's-be sure I'm reading them all! :reading:
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Daily Deviation

Given 2012-05-15
Mass Effect by *LasloLF ( Suggested by VBagi and Featured by alexandrasalas )
Beautiful art. Love in the Air 
Beautiful piece!

Yeah, this universe snatched me right out of another one and I've been stuck on it ever since, for four years now, lol. Like you say, so much epicness! :)
Awesome work!
:omfg: Looks simply epic! :D
Amazing!  Also, gratz on the DD!
SheolsNextTopMourner Oct 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That's freaking awesome, nice job!
Sanctum16 Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg this game was epic I cannot they didn't have any krogan squadmates included in Mass Effect 3 I call BS lol good job with this piece
TheComicStream Jul 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, and you chose two of, if not the most epic companions in the game! Amazing.
I am a huge fan of the mass effect series, I think this is amazing!
JonezToons Jun 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I've just bought the trilogy and I love it. I played 2 a few years ago. Thought it was just a space game but I was hooked. Now I got the trilogy cheaper then if i bought them sepretally :p
It gives me lot of ideas to make a new comic. :D but enough about me. This art is extremely good!
This isn't just fan-art. This is concept art. I love Shepard's pose. If you replaced the two others by women it could be a cover for 007: moonraker ;)
Please make more like this :D it's nice to watch!

Can I also ask you, if you have the time, would you take a quick look at my work? I want to know if great artists like you think it's good and give me some tips on what I can do better.

Srry for the long comment, I'm just to excited cause I'm playing the game right now :p
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